Aspark Owl: The supercar from 0 to 100 km/h in 2 seconds

The super creation japanese, officially presented at the Frankfurt motor show, will reach 100 km/h from standstill in less than two seconds. This figures would be spectacular, but they were somewhat eclipsed by the great design shown by the manufacturer nippon.

With a silhouette typical of a Pagani, the supercar born in 2014 and presented this year at the iaa in Frankfurt, will be driven by electric motors, although it is not confirmed yet to be produced.

In a video released by the manufacturer itself, is seen as the mule of the Aspark Owl proves to have a great acceleration, thanks, we suppose, to its four motors located in the wheels and a great power.

despite this, in the video you can also see some loss of adhesion in the acceleration, which would show that it was an early version of the project.

Manufactured completely in carbon fiber, its design is clearly that of a supercar. In addition, it has a tubular chassis and magnesium wheels. On the other hand, its height does not exceed the metro. This will cause your center of gravity is located as low as possible to improve their performance.

The supercar japanese stands out, above all, by a design exotic, never seen before. I don’t mean in terms of dimensions, since, as I mentioned before, are typical of a supercar of these features, but their shapes are unusual.

Dimensions of supercar

In your front we found a few lights that will not leave anyone indifferent, or you like or you hate. At the bottom we see two large air intakes that will serve to cool the electric system, and on the sides, a smaller to do the same thing with the brakes.

The side highlights your silhouette. A vehicle very close to the ground always attracts attention, and this Aspark Owl is one more. In spite of the name owl -owl in English-, the vehicle japanese account, with doors opening gullwing.

Getting behind, we found a huge spoiler and a large diffuser, which will generate enough force to keep the Aspark Owl fine stuck to the floor. Finally, your headlamps rear cover virtually the entire width of the vehicle, providing a modern look.

A inner something little

despite having an interior of a supercar of luxury, the truth is that looks somewhat rudimentary, having painted car in the early 90’s, that by the end of 2017. On the other hand, the manufacturer has chosen not to incorporate mirrors, so that the driver will have to be oriented through a few screens located on both sides. We have some doubts about the resolution and whether, in practice, will be a good solution.

Source – Autoevolution

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