AsproR, the division performance of Asproauto

Start the evening and I turn to Asproauto. It is located in the Polígono Industrial La Paz, in the provinces of Huelva and is a trainer that is consolidating its image at the national level, although outside of Spain you know, as we will tell you more later.

, I Knew some of their preparations, because on occasion he had seen several vehicles tagged during the sessions, as well as private are made in the Circuit of Jarama, Ascari, and in the Circuit of Monteblanco.

This afternoon I had been with Alvaro, who is at the forefront of the brand AsproR, the division performance of Asproauto, workshop that has been running for more than 20 years and are specialists in the electronics of the car, and empowerment.


The navy AsproR in the doors of the workshop

After parking in and out of the car it is very clear that I am in the right place, at the entrance I encounter a great number of cars, BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

AsproR, preparations of quality

When I get Asproauto, the picture may not be more stimulating, in front of me a BMW 1-Series M and two Nissan GT-R welcome me upon entering. Alvaro is paying attention to the engine bay of one of the GT-R, he greets me and immediately just what you are doing.

explains to Me how it works Asproauto, makes me a tour of their facilities, showing me some parts he has in stock and the job he has ahead of him. From the beginning I realize that Alvaro and his team love what they do, they have a lot of time and convey confidence.

Although it is a business, the thing that propels them is the spirit of delivering the best items to their customers according to their needs. The first thing is to listen to the client, so never disappoint your expectations and in fact today all look proud of the logo AsproR in their vehicles. “Are happy and if they are happy I also”, he adds.


The Nissan GT-R is receiving his last adjustments

Although the headquarters of Asproauto is located in Huelva, receive clients from all parts of Spain including Andorra, France, Portugal and Gibraltar, I guess for the confidence their clients have in him.

The models that receive the seal AsproR fleeing reprogramming fast. Normally, all their models are prepared, tested, revised, and re-test. In addition to perfectly know the components that work as they are distributors of top brands like Akrapovic , Cobb, Burgertuning , HKS, Turbo, and Bilstein.

good things come to wait, and is not the same as putting a simple reprogramming (for those who need it is perfectly valid to take the opportunity to do something more extreme by changing elements such as intercooler, turbo, suspension, brakes or exhaust systems, that is to say, elements that directly influence the dynamics of the vehicle.


Porsche 911 turbo AsproR & Nissan GT-R AsproR during the European Tour of the 6to6 (Photo: 6to6)

AsproR in the 6to6 and in the Modball

Alvaro has also led to its brand AsproR on a tour of Europe that participated in the Rally Modball 2015 and this summer participated in the European Tour of the 6to6, two GT-rs and a 991 Turbo with certain modifications, of AsproR. In events like these, it is usual to find car sports of all types, completely stock or with preparations very specialists.

Many customers choose to do their Performance for circuit

Of the Spanish Team that participated in the Modball 2015 AsproR was present in two vehicles, a Nissan GT-R and a BMW Series 1M that is all a caramel, and as you may have guessed is one of the vehicles that has given me the welcome.

Although his preparations leading have been aimed at the BMW 335i and 1M, more than 150 units in total, and GT-R, more than 50, also have several Porsche 997 Turbo and some models of Ferrari, Maserati and range RS of Audi, even though they work with any turbo engine from the VAG group. All are welcome.

The latest models that have come out of Asproauto with the seal AsproR are manufactured by Audi, Porsche and BMW but on this occasion we are going to talk to you about the three models that were present there. And these are their specifications:


Intercooler Alpha for the preparation of the Nissan GT-R black

BMW Series 1M 584 HP and 932 Nm

  • Base: BMW 1M 340 HP
  • AccessPort Cobb V3 Protune by AsproR
  • Pbx JB4
  • Charge Pipe with HKS Bov
  • Downpipes VRSF + MidPipe AsproR + rear silencer Akrapovic Wireless
  • Intercooler VRSF 7″
  • Kit brake BMW M4 Carbocerámicos with specific liquid
  • Oil Motul 5W40 300V
  • Intake Gruppe M
  • Suspension Bilstein Clubsport custom + Stabilizer H&R
  • Carbon details & Awron display
  • Possible to use E85.

Nissan GT-R White 675 HP and 825 Nm

  • Base: GT-R 550 HP
  • AccessPort Cobb V3
  • Multimap AsproR
  • Intake 3″
  • Full Exhaust
  • Injector 1600cc + Fuel Pumps to E85
  • HKS Oil Cooler Gearbox
  • Inlets pipes
  • System flexfuel for automatic adjustment of electronic engine in function of the proportion of E85 in the tank
  • discharge Valve: Tial BOV
  • complete Kit piping Alpha Race SD System.

Nissan GT-R Black 850 HP and 950 Nm

  • Base: GT-R 485 HP
  • AccessPort Cobb
  • Multimap AsproR
  • Kit turbo EFR Titanium
  • Intercooler Alpha Race
  • Kit injection + fuel pumps to E85
  • Tires VadDesign specific GTR
  • Suspension Litchfield and stabilizer adjustable
  • System flexfuel for automatic adjustment of electronic engine in function of the proportion of E85 in the tank
  • discharge Valve: Tial BOV
  • Booster transmission: Gearbox Stage 3 with material Dodson and Sheptrans
  • Complete Kit plumbing Alpha Race
    SD System


vehicles AsproR in path

After examining the cars one-by-one, I note that these three units have already planned a next evolution, the 1M will Reach 750Hp and 1,000 Nm thanks to a kit turbo signed by Motiv Motorsport and one of the GT-R will surpass the barrier of 1,000 HP. They are not the only projects already that a little more in the background is a BMW 335i e92 that you are installing a kit turbo that will surpass the 700 HP.

After a pleasant chat, Alvaro points out to me, the fleet of vehicles and says to me “I have finished making a few adjustments and I want to take them to give them the air, are you coming?” What is certain is that all my eyes point to the BMW, and before without a word gives me the keys to her car. We started engines and the nearly 2,000-CV purr at the same time come out one after another in what seems a scene of full-throttle.

¡Attentive! Tomorrow I will tell you that it’s going that BMW Series 1 m of almost 600 BHP.

Extra lap: AsproR in the Circuit of Monteblanco