Association Jules Bianchi: incubator of new talents

Philippe Bianchi abrazado a Fernando Alonsothe family of The young pilot died, Jules Bianchi, has created the Association Jules Bianchi to promote new talents. It was a dream of his son that the family has become a reality in his honor. So, the young promises of the world of the engine can be a success more ensured without dependent on the money that each one carries with him or be hunted by sponsors that costeen their sporting careers, democratizing the access to the motor sport.

Have used social networks, as usual, to announce events in recent times, to raise awareness of this fantastic platform that will support the athletes future of the engine that do not have sufficient economic resources to compete. Also have been given to know the web that will be the showcase for this initiative so noble.

El joven Jules BIanchiThe aim is to see young people that success does not always depend on money and who can carve out a career in the motorosport although lack of resources if they are to adhere to this initiative. You will be able to associate young drivers between the ages of 8 and 13 years of age who are in karting, with the objective of making them go up to the Formula 1 in the future if you have talent. A good association in memory of Jules Bianchi that has left his life competing in that fateful crash in Japan 2014.

The family of Jules has been aware that there are many talented riders that do not have resources and that they can never get to compete in higher categories, while others with less talent get by the money, something totally unfair. The program of the Association Jules Bianchi is carrying four riders to race in Mini-Kart and OK Junior, with 10 races per year with a test, which would have a cost of 100,000€ per pilot and year. The program is planned for 3 years and can be renewed at the end of the cycle to follow up with the best riders. In addition, funding may be extended occasionally to most pilots that need this support…

¡Thank You Bianchi!