Aston Martin begins to build its factory in Wales where it will produce the DBX

Aston Martin DBX Concept

Aston Martin takes a lot of time planning to build a new factory. From the beginning it was thought that the more likely option is to move to the united States, but finally the plans were other. It was announced that new factory would be at St Athan (Wales) and has already begun its construction. This place will be chosen to produce in the future the Aston Martin DBX of production.

the second production plant Aston Martin, after the Gaydon. In these months it has been selected to the 750 workers which shall be there when you are ready. All of them are undergoing a period of training at the headquarters of the brand, producing the Aston Martin DB11. For this new center will have invested nothing less than 200 million pounds and is of great importance for the future.

Aston Martin fábrica Gales

As we said, will be the place where you exit the first SUV of the brand. A couple of years ago the Aston Martin DBX Concept was presented as a prototype, but the intention of it being a production model is firm, and has light green. With the new model is intended to increase its market share and attract new customers to the mark. It is true that other luxury brands such as Bentley has worked well with the Bentayga.

The DBX production, yet very little is known. The concept highlighted esteticámente by an image of coupe and only two doors. In regards to your propulsion system, the prototype used four electric motors, one in each wheel, which were powered by batteries of sulfide of lithium. The model that will hit the market throughout 2019 is expected to arrive with mechanical more conventional.

Source – Aston Martin