Aston Martin confirms that the next Rapide will be electric


Aston Martin is experiencing a new golden age. After his departure from the Premier Automotive Group (PAG) of Ford Motor had not managed to find its place in the market. I was devoid of technology, did not have the necessary economic resources to start your way alone and time was running out. His luck changed when the Group Daimler AG opened the door to the use of this technology and from then on we already know what is the job that they are performing their engineers.

however, the future of the car seems that it is linked to the electrification of cars and Aston Martin is no stranger to this fact. Following this approach and with the intention of taking the reins of your way, to not rely on the technology of any other manufacturer, would have been put to work to develop an electric drivetrain for high performance. With him will be thinking of jubilee his veteran gasoline engine V12, and therefore to one of their models, stars who has not succeeded as it deserved.

Aston Martin Rapide E

The Rapide has been the berlina four-door sports brand since I was born in the year 2009. In all this time the car has sold relatively well, but the shortcomings it had when it was launched to the market left him a step behind its rivals. However as announced by Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin, the Rapide will be offered from next year to 2018 as only electric vehicle.

With this news we assume that the block V12 will disappear from your engine bay, and hence would be living in his last years of life. To give life to this electric version of the Rapide, the firm’s engineers would be working for the new electric powertrain has a power end of one 800 hp. With such a power and an autonomy that is located in 500 kilometers, we are talking about a vehicle potentially dangerous for the Tesla Model S and the rivals who can get to the market.

As has been reported by Palmer, the partners involved to create the Aston Martin Rapide Electric have been Williams technological and ChinaEquity in the financial part. This partner is very important, because the Rapide Electric will have in the chinese market, one of the main strongholds to help improve the sales of the English brand.

This train electric motor also what we might see in the next SUV of the signature and that we already knew so conceptual with the DBX in 2015. In addition, Lagonda could also be benefited by this improvement in technology of its matrix. So soon the Aston Martin Rapide will be dismissed from the market with a special version AMR and a special preparation on your block V12 with 600 hp and only 120 units of production.

Source – Aston Martin

Aston Martin Rapide
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