Aston Martin Consulting, offering consulting services to other companies

Aston Martin Vulcan

Aston Martin Vulcan

Aston Martin has unveiled a new division called Aston Martin Consulting (AMC). It is very common that third-party companies knock on the door of Aston Martin to collaborate on various projects and with Aston Martin Consulting, the brand seeks to centralize more activities of this type to share their experience in the field of design, engineering, and production with other projects.

The operations of Aston Martin Consulting is continuing to be conducted at the headquarters of the mark in Gaydon, which employs 1,800 employees and where by the time you produce all the models of the brand, until the opening of the new factory in Wales. Bradley Yorke-Biggs is the director of the Aston Martin Consulting, with over 14 years of experience at their backs in the board of management of Aston Martin


AM37 of Quintessence Yachts

Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin, created with the creation of the AMC, the mark may to collaborate more actively in other projects, thanks to a structure more consolidated. Aston Martin looks to extend the business not only to the automobile sector, but to all kinds of proposals. By the time the british firm has already collaborated on projects such as the creation of bus london-based Foster +Partners and the boat AM37 of Quintessence Yachts.

Source – Aston Martin