Aston Martin could partner with Cosworth to produce the engine Formula 1

As many supondréis, the development of an engine of a Formula 1 takes a lot of time and money. It is not something that is easy -and but ask Honda-. Red Bull was agreed with Aston Martin to enter in the Great Circus thanks to a sponsorship, and the british plan to produce his engine for the race car austrian, yes, for at least, 2021.

You wonder why in three years. Well, as I have mentioned, the engine of a Formula has a lot of high-level technology, and even more so with these new hybrid systems. Even with this, Aston Martin would be expected at that date, because the regulations will change and it would be a waste of money to develop something so that later you do not have utility.

although not part currently of the roster of riders in the premier class of motor racing, Cosworth is one of the largest manufacturers of engines, only surpassed in wins by Ferrari. The british helped the production of the engine of the Aston Martin Valkyrie, the latest supercar from the british firm, for which the collaboration in Formula 1 will give sooner or later.

In the year 2021 will change the regulation of motors, leaving aside the expensive and complicated thrusters hybrids to reduce production costs and make systems more simple. This will have an immediate impact on all teams, but especially in the small and in those who do not have a biker himself, like Red Bull or Williams.

“We have worked hard with Aston for several years, and we are working very closely with Red Bull and the team of the Valkyrie, so that there is a certain logic in the collaboration. Aston Martin also aspire to design it by themselves, so that our support in the development was evident.” said Bruce Wood, Technical Director at Cosworth.

as A result of this agreement, Renault will not provide engines to Red Bull, and the guys at Cosworth would return again to a category that, many years ago, I became one of the largest manufacturers of engines.

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