Aston Martin could produce a Vulcan Street … McLaren trembles!

Aston Martin has had spectacular success with its very limited Vulcan . This vehicle has been developed from the start as a racing car, never even thought he was going to use in street. However, Aston Martin would be assessing the production of street version of his Vulcan . A very limited run of cars – more than 24 units will produce circuit – with an astronomical price and capable of competing with the best of time. McLaren P1 and laferrari

An Aston Martin Vulcan Street could be as radical as a McLaren P1 or a Lamborghini Aventador SV.

is precisely these two vehicles with which this beast of 800 CV must also beat the copper tracks. The McLaren P1 GTR and Ferrari FXX -K versions circuit are the two best supercars of the moment, also produced in very limited numbers: respectively, talked about 45 and 30 units . Its street version would never arrive, but certainly there is a clear demand from some customers , and Aston Martin could consolidate its reputation in the world with a car hiperdeportivo well.

aston-martin-vulcan-video-aceleracion This racing-client Aston Martin has not yet begun its deliveries, although we have seen up Goodwood. It is impossible to compete in the categories GTE of FIA because of its power to weight ratio. A street car in the style of SCG003 could eliminate this problem and kill two birds with one stone. Simon Croft – the product manager of Aston Martin – says that this conversion to street car would not be easy, but luckily it would not be impossible. Of course, each car could cost around 3 million .

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