Aston Martin DB11: confirmed, we will know next year

Confirmed. Aston Martin has given us the good news that there will be Aston Martin DB11 so soon continuing with the long saga of sports of the British firm. As you can imagine still too many details were not disclosed, but we know that will be presented along the next year .

will have a new chassis and mechanical AMG

Del DB9 a DB11 leaving between them with DB10 that appear in the film SPECTRE of James Bond and that only 10 copies exist worldwide.

Beyond the official confirmation we already published the first indiscretions from Autocar that speak of a chassis new bill and the use of mechanical origin AMG , appearing first with a block V12 to be followed later by a V8 . AMG also could have much to say in setting the cycle part of this model.

Matt Becker come from Lotus, would be responsible for the development of the development of this new generation of Aston Martin models and also talks about Andy Palmer have asked that this new DB11 will have a manual gearbox plus a signed by ZF automatic transmission .

In addition to the mechanical Mercedes also mentioned source we could find some elements of the media system inherited from the German firm as well as a fully digital instrumentation may also evolved from the Mercedes S Class box

We have to wait for details. The British publication suggests that this model could meet as early as March, during Geneva , although sales of the model would not begin until later this year.


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