Aston Martin DB11 S 2018: new sport version in the way of the Great Tourism

front Grille is oversized.

Aston Martin is already preparing a more radical and sporting a new DB11, who presented a year ago at the Geneva motor show. This unit of the images shows clear and obvious signs of having a specification-oriented benefits.

Is expected to have more power and less weight, but for the moment, the only thing we are sure of is that the new DB11 S will have an image much more sporty, to tenor because of the large amount of changes that have this prototype.

Both in the front and at the back we find considerable changes, which become the design of the DB11 regular more aggressive, and in the interior we find as one of the comfortable armchairs have been replaced by sports seats Recaro. The interior was covered in wires and measuring mechanisms, so we can not say which will be the rest of the changes. Although knowing the customs of the mark, surely this version has several areas covered in Alcantara in place of the usual skin.

New treatment for behind.

In the front area it is evident that the grill, with the usual form of the british brand, is now largest. In the lower zone we find a new lower lip, quite discreet but very visible. The camouflage covers the hood completely and find no openings on the, but surely have any entry or exit of air on the.

In the rear we find a massive diffuser, this occupies all the lower part of the bumper, end-to-end. The exhaust, only two outputs are located at the same position high in the DB11 conventional. We understand that once you remove the camouflage, there will be a great contrast between the body, the painted area, and the plastic of the diffuser, which takes up a good portion of the rear area.

Your mechanics must be an evolution of the V12 5.2-liter
supercharged the DB11
, although we do not know for the moment that power
you can get to develop. Its arrival to the market should be dated
in the second half of next year. Although some british media claim that this exemplary mounts a twin-turbo V8 source Mercedes-AMG, this motor would develop between 525 and 550 HP, a lower power than the V12 biturbo engine of the DB11 conventional.