Aston Martin DB11 will have a engine 5.2 V12 twin turbo

Aston Martin DB11 motor V12 Twin Turbolast year, Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin, said that the brand would keep the V12 engines atmospheric and the manual changes in the range. We have No doubt that they will fulfill the promise, even though the teaser of the future Aston Martin DB11 reveals, that at least in part, it shall not be so. The brand has released a video in which it clearly shows as the Aston Martin DB11 will have a V12 engine 5.2-liter, twin-turbo.

The Aston Martin DB11 is called to replace the Aston Martin DB9 in the catalog of the brand, to the that weigh you down the years. The launch of DB11 was confirmed at the last Frankfurt show and is expected to be unveiled at one of the upcoming car shows, being in Geneva, the sounds with more force.


Now at least we know that the Aston Martin DB11 will have a V12 engine, twin-turbo 5.2-liter displacement. we do Not know even figures of power, torque or performance, but it is not difficult to imagine that will significantly improve the figures of the DB9 that will replace it. The predecessor of the new coupé which will be presented by the Gaydon used a V12 naturally aspirated 6.0-liter engine that makes 510 horsepower and 620 Nm of torque. For the DB11 is also expected to construction with lighter materials that will contribute to an improvement of the performance in front of the DB9, which weighs about 1,800 pounds.

That Aston Martin has recourse to a sort of downsizing by decreasing the displacement of its engines and using the supercharger does not imply that are going to completely abandon the engines maximum power. We expect that other models of the brand to do justice to those statements by Andy Palmer

Aston Martin DB11Source – Aston Martin

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