Aston Martin DB5, returning to life: 2 years of restoration video

love the Aston Martin DB5 , the design, the kind that oozes and of course also love these restorations that are brilliantly recorded in videos care. You can imagine which way the shots clear. Collect both low a few lines, press play and enjoy these three minutes of metallic beauty.

The Aston Martin DB5 has a celebrated role in the James Bond saga after having marched in the movie “Goldfinger”.

Two years of restoration process, chiseling the metal, going over every inch of his body, details, mechanical … all to the sound of “The Nutcracker”.

Finally what better than the launch, leaving hear her purring step, block inline 6-cylinder and 4-liter displacement to remember originally played a total of 286 horses to the rear axle assembly for a luxurious remained below 1,500 kg.

Video restoring the Aston Martin DB5

Time to give the play:

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