Aston Martin DBX: everything was fine until the canvas discovered a Peugeot RCZ high

Andy Palmer maximum kingpin Aston Martin leaves the ring of Geneva . The media around the world give us elbow-okay, not literally to be the first to see the cars covered with sheets. The stand size is much smaller than the size of the excitement generated.

The thing starts well. With the ever elegant English accent speaks of brand values: reputation, luxury, sustainability (ahem). States that want to be creative collection car brand of the future . The 100 Aston Martin Lagonda units or 24 units of Vulcan automatically become collector cars.

Everything was perfect until canvas uncovered a Peugeot RCZ high.

His speech changed to profitability. Came onstage representatives of employees, shareholders, directors and so a total of about ten people. Andy Palmer emphasized that seek younger customers they attract with elegance and luxury brand. But these customers have new concept of Gran Turismo four seats and electric.

A crossover sport which, according to Aston Martin, is a GT in a new format has the same soul that the Vanquish . Forcing say marketing.

understand that any brand should be profitable. Sounds good to be transparent about it. Totally agree that automobiles are designed according to the demand of buyers, not one to criticize them but do not buy.

But, having loved Aston Martin since I can remember, I could not help seeing some disappointment Peugeot RCZ crossover out from under the sheet.

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