Aston Martin had many losses in 2014 and will cut jobs


┬┐why lose Aston Martin so much money? In 2013 the losses were 25.4 million pounds in 2014 of 71,8 million. The main cause is the great call to review all the cars produced between 2007 and 2013 by a piece of plastic that is problematic. In addition, sales have fallen.

In 2013 placed in the market to 4,200 sports, a figure that fell to 3.661 the last year. The majority of sales have been lost in China, a country that is very important today for manufacturers to more exotic and luxurious. The CEO of the brand, Andy Palmer, does not believe that generate profits until 2017.

And those benefits pass through to put on the road your crossover, the DBX, which does not yet have a defined place to be manufactured yet. The plans of the brand go through to manufacture 15,000 units by 2020, and that is multiplied almost by five the volume of last year.

Aston Martin is a manufacturer which is not captured in a large group, after his departure from the empire Ford. 5% of your capital is Daimler. In the past year, achieved 200 million pounds of investment funds of Kuwait and Italy. Now the goal is to cut costs, and unfortunately that involves reducing its work force.

Is going to dispense with 295 employees, whereas at the beginning of the year had about 2,100. Is incentivize early retirement, low voluntary and will not cover vacant temporarily. The objectives of production and sales for 2015 will remain as they are. What a shame that a manufacturer like this it depends on some other SUVebordillos to continue to exist…

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