Aston Martin introduces the new Vanquish Zagato steering Wheel limited edition


Identical to the version of the coupé presented in spring.

under the Pebble Beach Concours d’elegance, Aston Martin has officially presented the new version steering Wheel Vanquish Zagato. Model that had the same spring in the event Villa dEste and now purchase the new convertible version, which like the coupe will have a limited production. Will just be manufactured by 99 copies of this special version recarrozada of the defunct Aston Martin Vanquish, designed by Zagato Milano.

the trajectory of The coachbuilder Italian Aston Martin dates back to the sixties, with the creation of the DB4GT Zagato, a version for competition of the DB4GT that had been commissioned by the british manufacturer to improve the aerodynamics of the model with a view to the categories of Gran Turismo.

More than fifty years later, Aston and Zagato have created a whole series of special models, some of whom have also had their variant convertible, such as the DB9 Spyder Centennial or the DB7 AR1, the latter without any kind of roof available and sold exclusively in the united States.


The new features are accentuated in the version convertible steering Wheel.

The version presented yesterday at Pebble Beach has the aspirated engine with twelve cylinders in V and 5.9 liters, which in the case of the Vanquish Volante Zagato has 600 horses. This will be one of the last times that we will see the launch of the brand with this engine, if not the last, that will soon be removed in favor of the new mechanical supercharged in the signature, which becomes even more special about this version, designed by Zagato.

Aesthetically it is identical to the Vanquish Zagato closed, with the exception of the lack of a hardtop, which is replaced by a soft-top classic of textile material. The image of the new convertible is very emphatic, thanks to the new features drawn by the workshop of Italian design, such as the new grille with the classic ways Aston and that occupies almost all the front, with the pilots auxiliary embedded.

Special attention required to the rear, where precisely the lack of a roof emphasizes the sharp and fluid design of the rear, with the huge pilots circular arranged about a notch created for them. Feature that was released in 2011 for the Aston Martin V12 Zagato, created to commemorate the half-century from the collaboration of both companies with the DB4GT Zagato.


The rear view is spectacular.

Although the price of the new Vanquish Zagato steering Wheel has not been
confirmed, it is expected that each of the 99 units is hovering around the
half a million euros the piece.