Aston Martin is planning for a future range of sedans Lagonda


Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf

After the creation of the luxurious and exclusive Lagonda Taraf, Aston Martin is considering to expand its catalog with the creation of a subgama based on luxury sedans under this historical name, used traditionally to name the models of 4-door of the british manufacturer.

Has been the own Andy Palmer, head visible of Aston Martin, who has confirmed the news in a recent interview with Car & Driver USED, revealing that due to the great reception that has had the latest sedan of the company, seek to expand that success with new models.

Palmer stated in addition to that of time are charting the future range of models Lagonda, but also warned that this project would not have seen good at least until the company achieves its financial objectives. Recently, we knew that Aston gets multiple fiscal years without generating money, so that we can envision this future range can take a long time to come.


Manufactured in a limited series.

Palmer describes the future composition of the range with two models. Although he pointed out that “could be one or could be three, but two is the most likely“. “I think that Lagonda may be a brand extremely credible in that part of the market. We know how to make cars handle well, we know how to make them luxurious, and we have already manufactured and sold sedans”.

Although evidently the project is only on paper, tenor by
the words of Palmer, this also dared to give precise details
this new range.

According to the CEO of Aston, the arrival of these models
it would mean the end of the current Aston Martin Rapide
– that is not more than
a version of 4 doors and 4 seats of the Aston DB9 – adding that the
new vehicles could have mechanical systems that are unique. That is to say,
that on the table also contemplated are mechanical options not
shared with the current range Aston
, who precisely is going to
the new engines from Mercedes-AMG.