Aston Martin knocks at the door from Force India


The british brand Aston Martin wants to return to the Formula 1. Absent from motogp since the end of the years 60, manufacturer’s representatives have sounded out different options to get to the championship. During a phase of the season is associated to Aston Martin, with Red Bull leading Mercedes engines to the signing of the austrian due to the property of a part of Aston Martin by Daimler. It has also been rumored that Aston Martin has had talks with other teams, but it seems that the solution will come from the hand of Force India, according to the british Autosport.

According to this information, Force India would be renamed as Aston Martin Racing, returning the brand to the World of F1. If it crystallizes, this agreement would be very positive for the formation of Vijay Mallya, because the computer is not experiencing its best economic situation. The third ingredient would be Johnnie Walker, which would leave McLaren to go on to be the sponsor of the new team created by Aston Martin. As it is logical for the reason explained above in relation to Daimler, the team would continue with power units of Mercedes, material that they have now.

it Seems clear that the arrival of the Aston Martin Racing Force India almost corresponds to a trading strategy that would be the cars of the team to wear a livery of blue and golden for the presence of Johnnie Walker. The name change, that does not worry about nor the slightest thing to Vijay Mallya will serve to Aston Martin to have a high level of exposure to the height of Ferrari or McLaren, brands bid to sell sporting high-end. That does not mean that Aston Martin engineers may be involved in the area of R & D team.