Aston Martin makes it official alternative AMR Vantage

Aston Martin is living a moment that she herself would have imagined a couple of years ago. Have gone from being a signature almost hopeless to count on technology and capital necessary to create a new future. While this goes on, in addition to working in it, the brand’s engineers are working to create a division with which to launch the market version even more special and sport models.

The English firm has already presented us with his new division of high-performance AMR. The models on which they worked are the Rapide and Vantage. In addition, the latter was shown at the last Geneva motor show with the name Pro. This model was a preparation as sports and modified that circulate with it through certain streets of certain countries was impossible, (not to be accredited and have certain elements of the aerodynamic not suitable for cities).

For this reason, the heads of Aston Martin, have you ever thought of releasing a variant of the Vantage Pro, but more domesticated. The Aston Martin Vantage AMR hit the market with the two bodies that are available (coupe and cabrio), although its production will be limited to only 300 units.

Of this production, 100 units will arrive with the block gas air intake in configuration V12 and 5.9 liters in the front. Its power end is of 595 hp and is linked to a gearbox cutting automatically with 7 relations. The 200 remaining units are linked to block gas turbo settings V8 and 4.7-liter in the front. His power is 430 hp and is linked to a gearbox robotic 6-speed transmission.

cosmetic changes that will suffer the Vantage to bring this special version is limited to a titanium exhaust and the possibility of including skirts, mirror housings, seats, and a aerodynamic package in carbon fiber more aggressive. Level of customization, the body will have different combinations of colors that will be topped by a strip to contrast that extends from the shield front to back.

in the meantime, Aston Martin has confirmed that these 300 units Vantage AMR only will be available for China, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Its price is about 100 thousand euros, although depending on the equipment and options that add to the customer will be able to raise several thousands more.

Source – Aston Martin

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