Aston Martin prepares a sporty mid-engine to compete with Ferrari and McLaren


The English brand is preparing a new sporty mid-engine more accessible than the AM-RB 001

Aston Martin has become very ambitious and has announced an expansion strategy that involves to launch a new model each year. In addition to the generational changes within the current range, it also will venture to reach new niches where there are possibilities of doing business. Among these plans confirms that there will be a new sports of high-class mid-engine.

it will Not be the first Aston Martin mid-engine because that honor already has the spectacular AM-RB 001. However this sports, fruit of the collaboration between the company and Red Bull, is characterized by a level of exclusivity that is far superior given its price, estimated to be about 3 million euros, and its short-lived production models intended for the road circulation and the units for circuit not even close to the 200 units.

The sport of which you speak will be created “for the masses” since without a doubt their price will be more accessible than the previously mentioned and its production not so limited. This new Aston Martin will be the faces with the Ferrari 488 GTB and the McLaren 650S among other models. Despite having an engine configuration similar to that of the AM-RB 001, will be a vehicle more conventional told personally by the CEO of Aston Martin, Andy Palmer.


The Aston Martin DBX us anticipates the first SUV of the brand

V8 Engine in central position

we do Not have a date for this new model but know that it will come much later than the AM-RB 001 so well into the next decade is where it should be set for his debut. Watching his potential rivals, we can be almost certain that the seats will mount a drive eight cylinders in V in place of the V12 aspiration natural that we find in the sport of 3 million dollars.

in Addition, before we will see the English firm expands. We meet the first luxury SUV within the brand based on the down payment with name Aston Martin DBX and two models of luxury that will have a lot to do in design with the majestic Aston Martin Lagonda. do We book the Aston Martin more sorpresas?