Aston Martin RapidE, the first electric car of the british brand

RapidE, so it will be called the first Aston Martin electric. Although not produced in mass because they so will only be manufactured 155 copies, will be the opponent’s perfect for the Tesla Model S. If we can see one on the street, you will have to be from 2019, the year in which the market for these 155 fortunate.

The RapidE will incorporate and electric propulsion developed by the engineering firm Williams Advanced, the same that produces the cars of Formula One. And, although Aston Martin still has not revealed any figure of power, engine torque, or seconds in accelerating from 0 to 100, we have assured that will be fast, very fast. Perhaps more than a Model S Ludicrous?

“We have decided to manufacture this car so exotic anticipating that the price will increase in the future,” stated Andy Palmer, CEO of the british brand. “Aston Martin plans to be independent, to fund the development of the RapidE for ourselves.”

This statement occurred in the context in which the mobile brand china LeEco, investment partner of Aston Martin, the withdrawal recently of the project. As a result, Aston Martin was forced to to reduce the production plans of its first electric car. However, the company of Andy Palmer will produce the RapidE only for exclusive clients, clients who believe that a Tesla Model S Ludicrous, the version of 115,000 euros is, let’s say…cheap.

“The project RapidE served to learn about the preparation of the DBX, the SUV concept of the brand. Can do that through a series l

there is No doubt that all Aston martins are unique, such as sports cars and luxury they are, but maybe this RapidE is in a higher rank. The price, around 250,000 euros, it would be a big leap from the model “input” of the british brand, which has a V12 engine of 5.9 liters, which develops 571 HP, we talk about the V12 Vantage.

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