Aston Martin reveals new specifications of the AM-RB 001


Aston Martin AM-RB 001

The british company has revealed new details of the project that maintains, in conjunction with Red Bull, the hiperdeportivo called by the time AM-RB 001 and that has been designed to level aerodynamic by Adrian Newey.

According to Aston Martin, the V12 engine of 6.5 liters, will be manufactured by the reputed specialist Cosworth. This block will be atmospheric and will have the assistance of an electric motor, to reach a figure of around 1000 HP of total power combined. The batteries that feed this motor from the manufacturer Croatian Rimac Concept One, the sporty electric is emerging as the most powerful of the time, although he still has to get to the street.

we Understand that the engine develops Cosworth will be based on the block V12 of the british brand. The transmission will be seven-speed automatic with camshaft behind the wheel and is being developed by the specialist british Ricardo, the same that manufactures the whole motor and transmission from McLaren street today.


you will Have about 1,000 horses for a little less than 1,000 kilos.

The frame will be a monohull central carbon fiber, which will be delivered by Multimatic, a large corporate conglomerate that among other work related to the sector are also in charge of the manufacture of the Ford GT 2017, in one of its plants in canada. This company already worked in the past with Aston Martin, in projects like the One-77 and the Vulcan.

Will have a huge carbon brake discs developed by Alcon and Surface Transforms. Have not revealed either their data, but it will be new disks high-performance with very little weight.

In the section of electronics, the companies responsible will be Bosch – responsible for ECU’s and control units-pair, including the traction control and stability – and Wipac, a specialist in the Uk that will develop the elements of LED lighting.


The first units will arrive in 2019.

The first units will be delivered in 2019 and will only be manufactured 150 units, plus 25 additional units intended for exclusive use on the track, and therefore not matriculables. They have all been quickly sold out.

According to David King, vice president and head of special operations for the british brand, despite having the best specialists in each field, the AMRB 001 still presents numerous challenges.

“to Make the AM-RB 001 presents enormous challenges. It is a real test for all involved, but that is as it should be, because we’re really raising the bar with this car “, adding that “This is what makes the project so special, and so having the technical partners suitable is so important. Some of the names with which we are working are suppliers for a long time, Aston Martin’s, but there are also some new names.”