Aston Martin shows its new engine V12 biturbo

A new range of Aston Martin is on the way, with guts (platform) entirely new to meet the most demanding requirements of western countries. The DB11 will be a completely new car, with lighter materials and advanced. Five years from now, will renew their catalog.

The engine maintains a configuration V12, instead of losing 700 cc. The loss of ability to solve quietly with twin turbocharger, so that it will overtake quietly the almost 520 HP of the 6.0 V12 maximum power of the DB9. Why stick two turbos on such a big engine? There are many cylinders to feed to a single-scroll turbocharger, best one for bench.

The video shows nothing of the future, DB11, is centered on the engine

According to the british magazine Autocar, it is very likely that there is a six-speed manual transmission, in addition to the automatic gearbox eight-speed transmission source ZF. Currently the DB9 can only be eligible for an automatic gearbox of six marches.


We will see in the DB11, after its dedication, the V8 engines of origin AMG, as well as the convertible version, DB11 steering Wheel, which is expected for 2017. In terms of design, the journalists from Autocar have already seen the car, and will incorporate some elements of the design language of the crossover DBX, as well as the CC100 Concept (2013).

we’ll keep you informed…