Aston Martin squeezes out the new Rapide AMR at the Nürburgring


Prototype of the new Aston Martin Rapide AMR.

The british brand is already tweaking the frame and mechanics of the upcoming release of its new subbrand sports, Aston Martin AMR, in the layout of the Nürburgring. Aston, like many many other manufacturers, was not slow in approaching the circuit the German to begin tests of its new models in the first few days of the start of the season 2018 of the Ring.

Shortly before the Geneva motor show 2017 the signature desvelaba the first two models of the new subbrand AMR, the Rapide AMR, and Vantage AMR Pro, although at that time only showed two initial prototypes of both versions, these actually had as its final layout. Just a few days ago, the firm showed the full production of the Vantage AMR Pro, so now it’s the turn to the more extreme version of the Rapide.

The prototype that we see in this new series of spy photos not account with the aesthetic figuration of the concept we saw a little more than a year, but can’t hide his nature. Its pronounced lower lip front separates it drastically from the versions regular sedan, and the improvements of the frame are remarkable, with a suspension very watered down with respect to the Rapide conventional.


At the back we can appreciate the new diffuser.

In the rear view we find a new diffuser and unique feature from the concept, a strip of lime green color. In the rear we can still read the emblem “Rapide S”, although this is not the version that you are testing the signature of Gaydon.

The Rapide AMR will have the block V12 5.9-liter Aston, with a power output of 600 PS (592 hp) and the above-mentioned aerodynamic improvements and chassis. After the wheels dark final find some brake calipers lime green color, and the bonnet air vents of greater size, as well as a front reestilizado.

The brand has planned to manufacture it in a strictly limited series, although unlike the Vantage AMR Pro, which will only be assembled 7 units, of the variant more explosive Rapide will be made out of 210 units. The presentation of this new version is not far away at the time, given that the model is already performing the tests in Núrburgring, one of the last steps of its development.