Aston Martin Valkyrie: up to the Formula 1 shake

Already known is the almost definitive of the Aston Martin Valkyrie. An authentic racing car also designed for the street, with more than 1000 HP of power and the latest technologies designed to beat all speed records. With an estimated price tag of 2.8 million euros, we didn’t expect anything less of him.

According to their policy, the model presented to preferred customers, Aston Martin have almost the final aspect that you will have in production. The lucky ones who attended the demonstration were able to try out the Valkyrie on the track, to whet your appetite before you can be one of the 150 units for street or 25 for circuit that are going to make.

According to the head of Aston Martin, Andy Palmer, the Valkyrie “will go around the circuit of Silverstone as fast as an F1 car”. A lens that allows us to understand the radical features of the supercar, as its low weight of 1,000 kg or the unusual forms of the body, designed to optimize your aerodynamics.

the aerodynamics of The Aston Martin Valkyrie

When designing a car as fast aerodynamics is crucial. Do not forget that it will reach a speed that can keep many planes in the air. The difference is that in this case the goal is to keep sticking the car to the ground, not only straight lines but also curves. A good example of the work done in this matter is that, under the two seats in the Valkyrie are two large tunnels that go through the car lengthwise to feed the huge rear diffuser.

of course, it also helps the engine V12 of 6.5 liters with 912 CV supported by another power, which enabled him to reach the 1.145 CV during the test. In addition, to reduce the weight to only 1 tonne, in the interior have dispensed with all kind of amenities. They have even removed the rear view mirror, central (also has no rear window), so the driver you need to work with the screens in the steering wheel and the center console. With all this achieves, and even exceeds, the proportion between weight and power of 1 kg / HP, more than double that of a Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV. Of course, you have to weigh that it costs like six of these Italian sports.

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