Aston Martin Vulcan, delivery of the vehicle and practical classes at Yas Marina

Aston Martin Vulcan Yas Marina Aston Martin Vulcan is one of the more exclusive vehicles of the moment. Only you are going to make 24 units of this supercar, that it can only roll in the circuit, because it cannot be registered for driving on public roads. And before a model is so special, the manufacturer of Gaydon has created an event to the height to deliver to his customers the first units of the Vulcan.

the chosen place is The Yas Marina circuit, located in Abu Dhabi and known for hosting competitions as prestigious as Formula 1. Here, the lucky owners will enjoy three days doing activities in the path. Among them is the moment awaited by all customers: get for the first time at the wheel of your Vulcan. You will also receive a master class at the hands of Darren Turner, official driver of Aston Martin Racing.

Aston Martin Vulcan Yas MarinaBut before to get to the controls of the exclusive supercar, the customers will receive some notions on board the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, one of the vehicles of street’s most powerful brand. They will also use the Aston Martin Vantage GT4 prepared for circuit, always accompanied by a tutor, to acquire the maximum experience possible before mounting the powerful Vulcan, and his engine V12 7.0-litre, which reaches 800 HP of power.

With this specialized training, the brand ensures that the customer ‘ll get the most out to this vehicle and that “they can lead it in the way that is expected”. Darren Turner added that “it has been a pleasure see how quickly you have put the day and listen to their impressions of the car. I predict many days of fun on the track for these guys.” up Until now have been six the Aston Martin Vulcan gathered at Yas Marina, the other 18 will be delivered in the next three years to all those customers who have paid more than 2 million euros to acquire it.

Source – Aston Martin