Aston Martin, What Are you thinking in remove the famous wings of your emblem?


Evolution of the emblems of the brand.

A patent application for an Aston Martin has left us somewhat perplexed, because have presented a new logo, completely different to the one that lead using since the end of the decade of the twenties, it has been 90 years.

This has been spotted by AutoGuide, who quickly has found similarities or some semblance graph with the previous emblem that was used between 1921 and 1926. As you can see in the image above, the logo is limited to two concentric circles, inside which are equipped with multiple oblique lines parallel. These lines draw a large number of diamonds, but according to the discovery of AutoGuide, you can guess the game that form these lines.

As can be seen in the bottom image, we have colored some of the intersections of the new emblem and we find ourselves with a silhouette that reminds us of the letters A and M which appeared in the first logo of the company, used up to the appearance of the first wings, in 1927.


To the right is the logo that we modified, showing the possible A and M that hides.

The emblem of the wings of Aston Martin is without a doubt one of the oldest in the industry, in addition to spectacular, since that takes decades, maintaining their shapes and proportions original. Since it was first used in 1932 and has undergone numerous changes, but all of them minor, so it is very difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.

The reason of this new logo is a mystery. Initially, the british brand are recorded with the purpose of used in very various items of merchandising, such as small metal objects or furniture, however, a subsequent record added items such as mobile phones and clothes, but in addition, also included the category land vehicles, which would enable Aston to look this emblem in the hood of his sports.

If you intend the mark to banish his nearly centenary logo is not what we know at the moment, but we would miss a move of this type. Its emblem is a symbol of tradition, although it is not known that you can pass by the head of the managers at a given time.