Aston Martin will build the RapidE (electric) with capital chinese

Aston Martin RapidE

by 2020, China requires manufacturers an average consumption of 5 l/100 km, right now, something unattainable for the engines used by Aston Martin. It is the result of applying the phase 4 of the programme of reduction of emissions of the chinese, the CAFC. confirmed the launch of the RapidE, the electric version of the Rapide, for the year 2017.

The investment fund chinese ChinaEquity, which is already involved indirectly in the shareholding of Aston Martin, will provide the 50 million pounds necessary. Considering the development of a model 1,000 million, does not seem to cost very exaggerated to say the least. Aston Martin will collaborate with Williams so that the electric model is a reality.

The objectives are not ambitious, between 800 and 1000 HP of power. One of the project managers is Andy Palmer, who before worked at Nissan to give life to the Leaf. The executive has changed company last year.

The production will take place in Gaydon (Uk), not in China. The customers of this brand in China is not achantan to import tariffs.

In 2019, will join the range, the DBX electrical, and perhaps also the Langonda electric. Tesla does not leave to stand imitators lately.

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