Aston Martin will do what is necessary to save their V12 engines

There are some manufacturers still plated to the old one. Interestingly, many of them are british, a country with an enviable culture automotive. Aston Martin is a traditional manufacturer in the background. There is more to see its range of vehicles or their mechanical options: a V8 and a V12, both atmospheric and both still asociables to gearboxes manual. In an interview given to Road&Track, the high levels of Aston Martin have sent a message of tranquility: can you do what is necessary to to save their engines, twelve cylinders.

engines V12 are a species in danger of extinction. V12 atmospheric are almost extinct.

architecture V12 is already anachronistic. Although some supercars and cars conglomerate presence still preserved engines, twelve cylinders, their extinction has accelerated over the past few years. It should not surprise us, regulations of emissions, their mechanical complexity and weight have caused many manufacturers to abandon these spawns of metal. But there is something special about the V12, its sound, performance refined, their hard-hitting power delivery… it’s easy to understand why manufacturers like Aston Martin want to keep them.


a few years Ago it was already announced a relationship of collaboration between Aston Martin and AMG, part of the Group Daimler. AMG – coach official Mercedes from decades ago – acquired 5% of the shares of Aston Martin, announcing future collaborations techniques. Aston Martin wants to make clear that not give up a pinch of your DNA, and report that this collaboration is limited to gear boxes, engines of eight cylinders, and electrical components. “AMG is not going to simply sell engines, and parts”, says Aston Martin.

The Gaydon will be responsible for the set up of the motors that acquire, as well as their gearboxes. The objective is to retain the personality of Aston Martin, as well as their sound refined and elegant. A curious detail is that Aston Martin do not want to sound aggressive and arrogant of the Mercedes-AMG, believe that their customers do not wish to call attention in such a way. Be that as it may, Aston Martin will benefit from this technical collaboration with AMG, but what is going to happen with the motors V12 atmospheric?


As you well know, Aston Martin takes using the same V12 for the past 13 years. The 6.0 V12 it is a development that arose from the merger of two motors 3.0 V6 Duratec source Ford. Its design has not changed since then, although his power has already raised over 550 HP now. Aston Martin is not going to give up their V12, do not want to dilute the experience of driving their sports. “Twelve cylinders will become six, and six become four. We don’t want to do that”, they say from Gaydon.

Aston Martin will launch electric versions of its models to offset the emissions of their huge V12.

To meet the emissions targets marked for Europe, Aston Martin will not give up their V12. Aim to keep them all the time they can, and for this to be possible, will have to launch cars zero emissions. Counteract its huge V12 of gasoline and electric versions of cars in its range. For example, Aston Martin RapidE, presented as a prototype months ago. What is not so clear is whether the collaboration with AMG make V12 Aston Martin to pass to the turbo in the near future.


that we cannot be so sure about that, but at least we have the peace of mind that Aston Martin will not waive part of its DNA. With the launch of the DB11, we can be excited about the future of this small british company.

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