Aston Martin will launch a competitor for the Ferrari 488 GTB

aston-martin-80 (1)The English company Aston Martin is looking to launch several models in the coming years. All of them are divided between sedans, sports, and crossover, to expand the range of the manufacturer considerably. Meanwhile new model will highlight the arrival of a sporty mid-engine that rivalizará with the very Ferrari 488 GTB. In addition of course of having other enemies of the likes of the McLaren 650S.

we’re Not sure when it will arrive, nor do we have sufficient data to begin to discuss how it will be the next sport of the british home. What if it seems quite likely that this car will come with a configuration of central engine, and that covering this mechanic, we’ll see a body-very sporty with the elegance characteristic of the brand.

aston-martin-80 (4)The next sport Aston Martin will not until the end of the decade or the beginning of what is to come. The own CEO of the company, Andy Palmer, has stated that it will be a model more conventional than the AM-001 RB, the supercar that will arrive in a few years. Of course it will be more accessible, which will also allow the Aston Martin to become a hard competitor for the 488 GTB.

Before it finally arrives to occur we will get to know several models. Among these will be the DBX, based on the prototype that we saw a few months ago, the supercar that we have mentioned in the previous lines, and a saloon with clear inspiration from the Lagonda.

Source – Carscoops