Aston Martin will replace the veteran Vanquish the DBS Superleggera

The situation is happening Aston Martin is not new for her, but on this occasion it seems to be crucial. Their models are best-selling have become outdated before the latest additions, and as we all know, your checking account is not to throw rockets. Taking into account their poor financial situation, the new product development is being carried out with a lot of calm and planning due.

Aston Martin Vanquish is today, next to the Rapide, one of the most veteran of the firm Gaydon, as it dates back to the year 2013 (the Rapide, 2009). Therefore, after the launch of the new Vantage and DB11 will be the next to have a substitute in the market, for after, to put on the table the generational shift of the Rapide. However, the replacement of Vanquish will mark a turning point within the brand, because they will come full of surprises.

The first and most obvious is a “possible” change of trade name. In a video teaser that has been revealed by Aston Martin on their YouTube channel, show a denomination mythical sat chair in the signature: DBS. These initials were used for the first time between the years 1967 and 1972, later to be seen in the version is of the DB9, the DBS V12.

however, it will not be the only trade name with character that will rescue the Aston Martin, the successor of the Vanquish. The following nomenclature makes a direct reference to Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, the firm that helped the house of Gaydon to develop the legendary DB4, DB5 and DB6. Therefore, if we add DBS + Superleggera, we should expect a model of high-flying design and very sensual.

For now do not know more details about this project, beyond that it could come with a mechanical hybrid that would be a power of around 800 CV. In addition, it is also expected to be lighter than the DB11, with a weight in a scale from 1,760 to 1.875 pounds, is not the benchmark in its segment in terms of lightness. Its official presentation will be held in the month of June, so that it will not take much time in getting to know more details and who knows, if to images.

Source – Aston Martin

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