At auction a Ferrari Enzo belonging to Tommy Hilfiger

Ferrari Enzo de Tommy Hilfiger a subasta

The Enzo Ferrari is one of the models “TOP” of Ferrari. Within several decades will be recalled to the level of the F40 and F50 or the Ferrari LaFerrari. Marketed at the beginning of the new millennium, its production was initially limited to 349 units, although later in Maranello decided to build another 50 more, since the demand of the Ferrari Enzo was very high. Finally they have added another more, rounding the figure to 400 units, that the company gave to Pope John Paul II.

One of the 400 people that had the pleasure of creating a car as special as the Enzo Ferrari is the american designer Tommy Hilfiger. Your unit carries the number 50152 engraved on the chassis, and the state of conservation is hardly perfect; in fact, if we have this car just to see for the first time the light of the sun I believe. In your box of instruments, the part dedicated to the distance travelled brand 3.622 miles, which come to be 5.830 miles in the metric system.

Ferrari Enzo de Tommy Hilfiger a subasta

Seems to be that Tommy Hilfiger has grown tired of seeing it parked in the garage catching dust, and walking with him less than 500 miles a year on average, and has decided to take it to auction. RM Sothebys will be the business of auctions which offer the 19 of January. Taking into account that the price of the Ferrari Enzo are around 3 million euros, it would not be surprising that this unit is close to the 4 million, both for its great state of conservation and a few miles, as for having belonged to someone as famous as Tommy Hilfiger.

if you forget, the Ferrari Enzo used to drive a motor V12 of 6 liters, which develops 660 HP and more than 650 Nm of torque. These performance figures along with a weight content less than 1,400 kilos allow you to go from 0 to 100 in just 3.2 seconds and roll to a maximum speed of 350 km/h.

Source – Motor1