At McLaren, anxious to renew with Fernando Alonso


Fernando Alonso is, while Stoffel Vandoorne gains experience, the crown jewel of McLaren-Honda. The team knows that the Spanish rider is the manager of the team, and that, if they get a car competitive, you can compete for the championship.

But the spaniard does not want to extend his contract while not be clear at what point is the Formula 1 with the new regulation, so that McLaren is left with no choice but to wait until Fernando Alonso decides to what to do with your future.

about it, Zak Brown it is clear that, as far as possible, sit down to negotiate with the Spanish, because he fears that other teams could tempt him. “Is fully committed with the project, but his contract ends and is in high demand, as you can imagine. Vettel’s contract ends, as I understand it, so that next year we will have a market of pilots exciting. Obviously we would love to keep it. It is one of the best drivers on the track, but the best”, Brown said in a statement to NBC Sports.

Brown believes, unlike Alonso, the performance of the new car will have influence on the decision of the Spanish driver and, taking into account that several riders pointers end contract at the end of the year, Fernando could stay in Formula 1, but on another computer. “Let’s see how things go and we’ll start the conversations after the first few races of the year. If I was him, I would like to see how we pay before you start making decisions. You can’t blame for this, but I think that we have to wait and see and that goes for both parties”.