Athero: the Volkswagen Scirocco economic Skoda that you’d like to see in the dealerships

The idea has a crumb. The Skoda Spaceback is a compact of origins humble, born at the turn of a compact sedan economical, the Skoda Rapid. What you see, is the Skoda Athero, which in turn would be a coupe’s compact dimensions and those same sources modest, the Spaceback and the Rapid. The idea not only makes sense, but it is also extremely interesting. can You imagine that Skoda to launch a Volkswagen Scirocco economic? That is the idea behind this prototype. But unfortunately we will not see a Volkswagen Scirocco Skoda. Then what should be the development of this prototype?

The Skoda Athero is a design exercise that has been created by the students of the Academy Skoda. Skoda has its own professional training courses in Mladá Boleslav, where 26 students, four women and twenty-two men, set out at the end of 2015 to create a prototype very special. After a 1,700-hours of work, was born the Skoda Athero, in a project that involved instructors, technical development team, production and design departments.

let us Remember that already in 2014 we were surprised with the Skoda CitiJet, Skoda Citigo transformed into roadster; and in 2015, with the Skoda Funstar Concept, something like a Skoda Fabia pick-up.


The Skoda Athero measured 4.3 meters in length. Is therefore 5 centimeters longer than the Volkswagen Scirocco.

This prototype is the third created by the Academy of Skoda, and also the most complex. Among other things because it has involved tasks anything simple, like move the B-pillar, play with the tilt of the C-pillar and the roof, and major modifications to the bodywork and the structure of the Skoda Spaceback in which they have been based. In this prototype we find ourselves with some detail a bit more eccentric, such as LED lighting red on the outside or the air inlets on the hood.

But if we look closer we see that the idea of a Skoda Spaceback three-door, with this design, it is very realistic. And not only that, it is also eerily irresistible, especially footwear with these wheels of 18 inches.

the chances that the Skoda Athero ends up at the dealers tend to zero. But do not believe that we are faced with a great idea that Skoda should explore?

Source: Skoda