Atieva Atvus: it filters the first image of the future rival to the Tesla Model S

Atieva Atvus - imagen filtrada

filtered Image of Atieva Atvus, a model of sporting character that aims to rival the Tesla Model S.

In recent times, many are the times that we are listening to the phrase “rival Tesla Motors“. There are many companies that are working in both America and Asia with a clear objective, to be able to do in front of the company led by Elon Musk. One of the projects that are going to a better rhythm (at least seen from outside of the company) is the Atieva. The company based in Silicon Valley is working on its first model with which to be able to cope with the Tesla Model S.

this Is the Atieva Atvus and what you can see above is the first image of this new model of sporting character and familiar design. A potential competitor to the Model S of Tesla and, for the information that we have and this picture, will seek to offer a very similar proposal. The combination of an elegant, sober design with a mechanical, purely electrical, high performance and great autonomy is the cocktail that offers us the Atvus.

it Is difficult not to find the similarities of Atieva Atvus with the Tesla Model S, although, personally I would expect to have more pictures (and higher quality) in order to draw a definitive conclusion. However, details like the rear wheels are partially hidden are reminiscent of vehicles from another era.

Atieva Atvus - boceto

Sketch published by Atieva by way of anticipation of its first electric vehicle.

Leaving to one side the design of the Atieva Atvus and going to the section mechanical, for the moment there is not much information about it, although the statements of the company attached to filtered reports point to a autonomy of close to 500 kilometers as well as a acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds. A few benefits that you aim very high if we take into account that the Tesla Model S P100D you can also complete the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in that time.

Initially the production of Atieva Atvus will take place in a factory, of Dayang Motorcycle in Luoyang (China). However, the production of batteries and other components that will be used will be manufactured in Silicon Valley, San Francisco (united States).

For the moment it is unknown when it will be presented the production version of the Atvus and the price that will have, although if Atieva aims to rival the Tesla Model S, we can expect a baseline of 65,000 euro, to be at the height of the version of access (60 kWh) model of Tesla.