Atieva Atvus the nightmare-electric Tesla Model S

Atieva AtvusTesla and its range of electric models is given once every hundred years. To be a company of new creation, and in a matter of a half-decade to compete with larger and established brands in the car sector is a dream that very few brands of cars new can meet. However, there are more manufacturers of cars of new creation who aspire to become the new Tesla.

we All know that Silicon Valley is one of the technological centers of the united States. The big companies want to be there for many reasons and among them is the talent of the young people who seek to be the new Steve Jobs. As one of those companies is the startup Atieva you want to be the worst nightmare of Tesla Motors in terms of creation of vehicles powered by electricity.

Atieva AtvusAtieva began its journey as a supplier of batteries for a bus manufacturer, chinese. However, I have continued researching about them and now are working on an electric sedan that is capable of face-planting to the Model S of Tesla. Of time the only thing that we know for the model in which Atieva is working on are states two photos, of quality rather fair, and your name.

Atieva Atvus has a body with four doors very elegant. Some of its features will resemble the Tesla Model S, however the Atvus has a style of its own. One of the main features of its design is the fairing that covers part of the rear wheel, the style of which carried Citroën DS or shark. Other of the characteristics is the shape that has your back, vaguely reminiscent to other creations of Citroen.

with Respect to their technical characteristics it is expected that the Atvus Atieva has a range of about 480 kilometers. With your powerplant, you should be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometres an hour in about 3 or 4 seconds. These data are very similar to those offered by the Tesla Model S in its intermediate version. In addition, Atieva could incorporate the technology enough to be able to circular form semi-autonomous.

we Hope that this new model and brand do not remain in water of borage and of truth to become a reality.

Source – Atieva