Atieva Edna, the electric van that snack the BMW i8 and the Dodge Viper

Atieva Edna furgoneta eléctricaIf I speak to you of the Atieva Edna probably not sound like anything. Apparently it is a Mercedes Vito, white in color, you would not call your attention if you saw them on the street. However, appearances can be deceiving, and this particular van hides a electric propulsion system of the most special. In fact, it is able to win in a drag race to sport the likes of BMW i8 or the Dodge Viper.

Atieva Edna is not mucus from turkey, which has a total power of about 900 HP. The get thanks to a battery pack of up to 87 kWh, and it also has the advantage of equip awd. This makes the van on a machine able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2,94 seconds. The eighth mile (201 metres) in 7.2 seconds and this drag race quarter of a mile to the ends in 11.3 seconds.

There are that say that Atieva Edna had already humiliated a Tesla Model S and a Ferrari California T. Though this time, just a month after, you get improve your acceleration that was previously in a 0-100 km/h in 3.03 seconds. In this new release, the BMW i8 with its hybrid engine from 362 HP is not a rival. Neither the potent Dodge Viper that is in third place with its V10 640 HP.

The engineers of the company considered that it still there’s room for improvement in this Atieva Edna. Therefore we do not rule out future videos winning other sports. What seems certain is that Atieva will launch a production model, a sport sedan, four-door that will come in 2018. Will have to take that into account, because the creators of Atieva come from Tesla and Oracle, and also has the support of Mitsui in Japan, Beijing Auto in China and an investor in Faraday’s Future.

Source – Atieva

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