Atieva shows us the first teaser of its electric car


One of the leading chinese manufacturer, Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation (BAIC), is supporting a brand to compete with Tesla. BAIC is a partner with Daimler and Hyundai in the chinese market, and is supported by the Government of China.

The prototype was displayed at the Salon of Beijing 2016

Other contributors of interest are Siemens, Group SK (battery manufacturer Korean) and CECOMP (development specialist Italian). It so happens that Bernard Tse, former vice president of Tesla, co-founded Atieva back in 2007. Initially did not intend to make cars, but management systems of batteries.

The chinese investors are very interested in the electric car, just look at the developments that have been announced with the backing of your money: Faraday’s Future, Aston Martin RapidE or Youxia X. Your country has to adapt itself or themselves to cars that emit less in the future, to be the main generator of emissions in the world.

According to Coach, is rumored to have a range close to 500 miles, thanks to the use of high-capacity batteries, around 80-90 kWh. Atieva is based in San Francisco (USA), but BAIC aims to become the majority shareholder. Of step, BAIC will bring her experience, as it already manufactures in your country, the E150 EV, similar to the Nissan Leaf in terms of concept.