Attack of the Clones: so is the Chinese copy of the Audi Q3

Zotye still leaving us curious images. The Chinese manufacturer Zhejiang continues to be inspired, to unsuspected levels, the bestseller premium Europeans. After your copy of the Porsche Macan, we revel in a new plagiarism inspired by the Audi Q3 , with some mixture of flavors including two-tone body, the purest Volkswagen frontal styling and interior, as our Indian Autos Blog colleagues, say it is very Tesla.

zotye-s21-plagio-audi-q3-2 The Zotye S21 introduced precisely in India, Chengdu in the Hall 2015, these days. And it seems to be marketed with a gasoline engine 1.5-liter, turbocharged, and associated with two alternatives, a manual change of 5 relationships or CVT .

simply chilling …

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You want a Porsche Macan but you have no money? China has the solution

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