Attends the premiere of the Formula 1, 2017, from 18 euros


The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is prepared to receive from the 27th of February and for a total of eight days of the pre-season test of the Formula 1. To this end, the track located in Montmeló will be available to those interested in attending multiple formats that will allow them to enjoy the new cars in function of their preferences.

The first batch of test will begin on the 27th and will end on march 2, while the second will start on the 7th of march and will end the day 10, only 14 days before the start of the Australian Grand Prix. To attend the test, the most economic way of doing this is by general admission by 18 euro the day to see a total of six hours of activity on track: from 9 to 13 hours and from 14 to 18 hours.

you can Also access the guided tour for 50 euros a day and, finally, a deal more exclusive, so called ‘Floor Box Member’, which gives access to the building located above the pit lane, the VIP stand located at that same site, personalized care, walk along the road that runs along the track, catering, television broadcasts of the test, parking on the inside of the track and guided tour of the paddock, all from 230 euros.

During the last phase of the season, the Catalan circuit and Bahrain were struggling to accept such a test, but the teams were decided in favor of Barcelona to be much more comfortable in terms of logistics, and with technical features appropriate to develop the new car 2017.