Attentive to the brutal acceleration of the Dodge Ram SRT10 1,900 hp (video)

We like the cars with huge engines. It is not unusual to see pick-ups compete in drag racing, but are not the best suited for this vehicle. Its weight is concentrated in the front of the car and prevents the rear wheels have a better grip. In drag racing any traction loss affects deeply to the acceleration way. The car before us today is one Dodge RAM SRT10 , equipped with a brutal motor V10 able to develop 1,900 hp and sweep the quarter mile.

is almost as fast as the Nissan GT-R Alpha Omega AMS , with more than 2,000 hp and AWD.

The pick-up faster often place the engine in the rear, sometimes using an extended box and glass body, speak and dedicated exclusively to drag racing, with many thousands of horses and an astronomical cost machines. Ram doubt that concerns us today is cheap, but what strikes us is that retain the original engine – rather than replace it with a huge V8 for drag racing – and both the body and the original box, made of steel. A truly radical approach.

The engine 8.4 V10 is far from standard. Bring a pair of turbochargers Garrett biturbo scheme that build no less than 1,900 hp prior reinforcement of all components inmates. A brown beast that loves burning wheel, generates about 2,000 Nm of torque and allows the pick-up snatch world record of acceleration Dodge Ram with standard body. Of course you can not use on the road, but it can make a quarter mile in less than 8 seconds. And that’s impressive.

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