Attentive to the sound of the beast that will Lexus at the Detroit motor show

Teaser lexus Detroit 2016This is one of those post in which I advise, well, really I ask you, that if ye have not’t run for a few speakers right away. When you have, or in the event that yes intend of them, do them in volume very high, for what comes next, gentlemen, ladies, music is heavenly. And comes from the hand of Lexus and the model presented in Salon de Detroit, which will open its doors in the next few days. We are faced by another teaser that the company has launched, this time in the form of video, with which invites us to hear the sound of such novelty that it is to little to see the light.

Attentive, because a roar that can be heard, has no waste. As I said, it is not the first advancement that the company publishes. Days ago, my colleague Iñigo, I taught a little picture revealing, but quite illustrative of what was to come, a car radical. The same, by its title and text, was a reference to a prototype FCV concept hydrogen. And if we remember the LF-FC, the vehicle concept presented by the brand in Tokyo, we can begin to connect the dots.

Lexus LF-LC Concept de 2012

Lexus LF-LC Concept of 2012

despite this relationship, most rumors tend to another option, a production version of the LF-LC with a V8 engine of 5.0 liters and kw, the orchestra that produces the sound that we enjoy in the video. It seems that mechanical would be the responsible of move the version LC 500 of the LF-LC, a model that also would other alternatives that would be revealed little by little.

If it turns out to be the Lexus LF-LC, the company would have a competitor to the BMW 6 Series Coupé that would be just above the Lexus RC. In the same way that the German, would enjoy a few alternatives that they would find the top in a radical powered by a V8 engine. Now yes, speaker volume, and enjoy.


Source – Lexus