Attentive to what is about to arrive… about 10 new alternatives signed by AMG

Mercedes-AMG GLC 43Yesterday, my partner Mario Nogales, I had something new on the pick-up will be released under the signature of Mercedes. This news talking about this new model and its possible relationship with AMG, the division of sport brand star, confirming that there will be a version with this label in the range of the model, although there will be a finish of sportier appearance. The future truck will not have a variant AMG, but this does not mean that this firm does not grow. According to the division itself, they will up to 10 new versions with this surname in the coming years.

And this news comes in a period of growth for AMG. As you know, in the last few weeks have presented juicy options which were these three letters as a letter of introduction. In this way we have given the welcome to the Mercedes-AMG AND 43 4Matic, the C 43 4Matic Coupe or the GLC 43 4Matic, three models located in a step intermediate between the range of “common” and the “real” AMG. Versions more timid, more affordable, and they also promise a dose of sportsmanship worthy of this division.

Mercedes E43 AMG 4MaticAMG plans to spend about 38 models that currently complete the range to almost 50 sport versions, all great news for those of us who love this world of four wheels. Also they want the firm to be more present in the dealers, valuing even to leave a space exclusive to AMG models. So, in short, we will see 10 new alternatives arrivals from this division and, perhaps, even the meeting of independent exhibitions.

But, how will that happen? Really if you think about it, at a pace that will not cost them too much. If we put together the new “43” versions “top of range”, the amount grows considerably. In addition we are still waiting to see the future Mercedes AMG GT R, without forgetting of course the variant GT3 of sports.

Source – Automotive News