Auction of cars seized from drug dealers, what you need to know about these “chollos”

Mercedes GLSure that more than once I have asked what will the police do with cars that forfeits in the arrests drug traffickers. And is that it is impossible not to take this question seeing in the news, the type of cars that typically focus cameras, luxury cars with all the lovers of this world we dream of. These seizures become the property of the government until the holding of a auction in which they will seek a new owner. The next obvious question is… at what price?

Ferrari, Lamborhini, Mercedes… the taste of those who are outside the law, there is nothing wrong. In the detention of 2014 to one of the “narcos” most famous on the planet, the “Chapo” Guzman, is confiscated more than 40 luxury vehicles. Mercedes SLR McLaren, C63 AMG, SLS AMG, Nissan GT-R, Dodge Charger, Jeep Grand Cherokee… the list was endless. In our country, as we said, after passing through the tank the cars seized are auctioned. A bid that starts in much lower prices than the usual. Is there a trick? What is the truth of all this?

Hummer H3At the end of last year announcing the auction of twenty cars seized from drug traffickers. Until here, everything could seem normal, but it is not. The models announced in some cases, speeches were offered by four times less than what they cost in the market. In this way we could see a BMW M5 of 2006 for a little more than 20,000 euros, or a Porsche Cayenne of 2004 by about 7,500 euros, in the second call, did not exceed 4,500 euros. A dream for any car lover.

Although before you throw rockets, you have to think and analyze the vehicle carefully. In this case we are not faced with a purchase of second-hand in the that we talked with the owner and he assures us that he has been careful, has fallen asleep always in garage or teaches us the sheet of reviews all sealed by workshop official. The Administration is not responsible for the condition of the vehicle, not sure, or if you want to have documentation or even have a key.

Porsche Cayenneit is clear that, remember that, in addition to that we can not know too much of the treatment received by the previous owner, seized the car has been able to suffer severe damage. In many cases the windows are broken, the body is impaired or the upholstery does not look as it should. On the other hand, the vehicles may have been abandoned, with the mechanical problems that entails, or even left their fate to the elements with the body damage that can cause of meteorological phenomena.

The auction, usually, is articulated in the following way. To be able to be supported the bid there has to be a guarantee of the 10 % of the amount of the tender in first call. The bids are to be sent in multiples of 100 euro to 9,000 euro. Once over this amount, will be made in tranches of € 500. If the first call to remain deserted for no valid bid, would be held a second call in which depart a price 40% lower than the initial. In this way the price of a BMW X5 could not exceed 4,000 euros.

BMW M5Also clarify that, although the initial price that is, at the juncture, for example with a Ferrari F430 for about 26,000 euros, the final price will usually be more bulky. It is an auction and will, therefore, be sold to the highest bidder. In the auction organized by the Government Delegation for the National Plan on Drugs of which we made mention in the previous lines, in the majority of model the initial price was the end, although it is still much lower than the normal price in the market.

In that bid held last year and that you have all information in this PDF, highlighted a Mercedes CLS 350 from 2004 to 8,500 euros on the first call and 5.100 euros in the second, a Mercedes C220 CDI 2001 only 2.400 euros and a Mini Cooper of 2005 for 3,000 euros. Also noteworthy were the Porsche Cayenne and BMW M5 for the price above-mentioned, a Mitsubishi 3000 GT 94 by 4,500 euros and a BMW 520d auto 2006 for 9,000 euros on the first call and 5.4000 euros in second.

Source – Ministry of Health

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