Audi A3, A4, and Q7 with apud esim: the internet “for free”, “without limits”, without borders and without data charges

You will be with me in that all modern car, which at least claims to be, has to be equipped with a good navigation and entertainment system, and, if possible, with a permanent connection to the internet. Surprisingly, while all walk with a mobile phone permanently connected to the internet and with many services, our cars still continue to resist such progress that it is possible that a priori may seem dispensable in these moments, but at the end you can completely revolutionize the automotive industry. Audi apud esim proposes something as simple as equipping a SIM card from series in your Audi and have unlimited internet without paying your data rates. And this technology is already present in the new Audi A4 and Audi Q7, and will be incorporated into the launch of the Audi A3, Audi Q2 and an Audi A5. And what is Audi apud esim? What services do you offer?

What is Audi apud esim?

Is as simple as a SIM card built in to our car. Thanks to a module 4G entertainment systems Audi can connect with download speeds of up to 100 Mbps. The services that we can access with this technology cover the entire spectrum of applications that we could imagine, from travel information, traffic and parking, to social networks, like Twitter, and calendars “in the cloud”.

With this system we can also visualize in the browser, maps, real images of satellites provided by Google Earth, or even street-level imagery of Google Street View.


how Much does Audi apud esim?

Although the claim does not have to pay data rates to be very juicy, it is true that Audi apud esim has a cost. In the Audi A4, for example, we speak of about 425€ in combination with MMI Navigation (about 1830 that€), which include 3 years of service-free of additional charges. If you transform it into the monthly cost for the service, we find that throughout those 3 years it could be said that we would be paying a monthly fee less than 12€. It is an expense to consider, but it seems reasonable within the meaning of the price of an Audi A4 or an Audi Q7.

Very interesting also the possibility offered by Audi to its customers, to configure their new car with the Audi apud esim and enjoy the services for free for 3 months. It is a great idea, highly recommended to truly test the service, and to recognize if you are going to be useful.

To configure the system MMI Navigation plus count of series with Audi apud esim for three years. But we must also bear in mind that we are already paying for an entertainment system that in a model such as the Audi A4 exceeds 3000€.


What happens when you cross borders?

Audi says they have closed agreements with specific providers in most european countries. In this way, if we cross a border, we will continue to get the services of Audi apud esim at no additional cost.


can I connect my mobile via Wi-Fi?

Here begin to reach the limits. Audi apud esim does not allow initially the connection of mobile devices to use the data connection of the car. But it does offer the possibility of achieving this utility, and connect multiple devices simultaneously to the router of the car, hiring packages of certain data with the mobile service providers. We don’t know the price of these packages.

Source: Audi