Audi A3 allroad quattro, what is your next reach?


Newly introduced, the Audi A3 2016 updated their design with a fresh style and close to that of the latest models of the brand of the four rings, with a front that will remind you of the new Audi A4. This ‘restyling’ also incorporates other changes in the new range of compact, for example in engines, equipment and technology, while in terms of bodies available there are no new developments.

¿What sounds like an Audi A3 allroad? Recent rumors indicate that Ingolstadt are considering this version very seriously. Audi has taken good note of the success in sales of this type of vehicle, and in its most immediate figure a range of SUVS and ‘crossover’ very much strengthened, with new models of ‘Q’ (like the new Audi Q2), and allroad.

does Not seem far-fetched that this Audi A3 allroad quattro become a reality, despite the fact that the manufacturer has not commented on it until now. Unlike the Audi A4 allroad quattro, a newcomer to the market, the Audi A3 is not offered a body family Avant, so that to become reality an A3 allroad will be based on the Sportback five-door.


At RM Design have been put to work, imagining the design of this hypothetical Audi A3 allroad. As you can see in these photoshops digital -non-official, but quite realistic, and their body adopts the traditional style ‘allroad’, more robust and campero thanks to their bumpers with specific protections lower, body side moldings black plastic in their wheel arches and skirts, all-wheel drive and a suspension on-high.

Small but important details that would make an A3 allroad a version completely different and less able to circulate in tracks are not paved, valid for both more urbanites simply seeking this aesthetic as well as for those drivers who want a car for their getaways to the beach or to the mountain.

it is Still early to know if the Audi A3 allroad will arrive taking as a basis the current model or the new generation of compact -starting in 2018-. In place of a real ‘allroad’, even can be offered as a ‘Turn on Kit’ to package mode optional, which would be very similar to the Audi A1 Active Kit, limited to a customization aesthetic of inspiration ‘off-road’. In any case, the idea does not sound far-fetched…