Audi A4 allroad 2016: 4 keys for getting to know a family that wants to make you forget the SUV

the range of The new Audi A4 continues its natural evolution and because of the Salon de Detroit appears before us Audi A4 allroad that you not only have to assert yourself in front of the family to be “normal” but that also has to cope with the relentless tide of SUVS, but, what does this Audi A4 allroad to convince us?

1.- A unique design, making clear its vocation country at a glance:

The Audi A4 allroad offers us a vocation in the country, it is quite clear at a glance in this plant which is suited for new wall lights in their bumper, new sideskirts and a few steps from wheel well defined by a molding unpainted. Of course also does not overlook the bars that crown its roof, also making evident its practical role.

2.- A part cycle properly adapted, with a ground clearance more:

The perfect ally for your excursions will be the retractable hook optional. With just the press of a button you will have extended the hook to your trailer.

After this image more rustic is also hidden an evolution of their part cycle that involves his suspension to offer us a new endowment to the position of both axes. Next to this suspension we also find a alloy wheels of 17 inches (optional up to 19) and a few brakes in front are 338 mm

The emergence of this new suspension is more than evident if we look at its ground clearance, a distance that increases in 34 mm and that will give us a transit more comfortable, less rushed, by roads. In addition, Audi offers the optional a second suspension adaptive.


3.- But… what engines will be available this Audi A4 allroad?

In its interior we find ourselves with the deployment of developments already known in the A4 “normal”

The range of engines of the Audi A4 Allroad is composed by the following alternatives:


2.0 TFSI – 252 hp – 370 Nm


2.0 TDI – 150 hp – 320 Nm
2.0 TDI – 163 cv – 400 Nm
2.0 TDI – 190 hp – 400 Nm
3.0 TDI – 218 hp – 400 Nm
3.0 TDI – 272 hp – 600 Nm

All of the alternatives feature all-wheel drive quattro.

4.- In addition it also has a selector driving modes specific:

Audi has revised the selector of modes of driving the A4 for this version and next to usual habits, we offers an option geared to its use outside of the asphalt, adapting the controls, the reactions of the mechanics, to the demands of the pavement in a bad state, the floors muddy and surfaces of low adhesion.


Gallery of images of the new Audi A4 allroad: