Audi A4 L, the battle extended to China

Audi A4 LToday begins the Hall of Beijing 2016 and we are seeing many innovations, among them vehicles with battle extended, something very typical in China. One of the that point to this elongation of body is the Audi A4 L. This model, which only reach to the chinese market grows to the 4,81 meters long, leaving the distance between axes 2,91 meters, representing an increase of 4 inches over its predecessor.

despite being larger it is also 110 kg lighter that the previous A4 L, things of the new generation. You will also have the same design that was introduced in the generational change, with a image more dynamic. In the interior prevails the technology and we can find the Virtual Cockpit of the brand, as well as the Head-Up Display that projects information on the windshield.

Audi A4 Lthere will Also be luxuries for the passengers thanks to the automatic climate control system, the sound system Bang & Olufsen 19-speaker or a connectivity outstanding. In addition to be able to connect your smartphone, this Audi A4 L also will include WiFi to its interior. Although all the news is not limited to interior and exterior, but also there will be under the hood of this sedan.

Its range of engines will be formed by two mechanical gasoline 2.0-liter TFSI. These four-cylinder will come with two power levels: 190 or 252 HP. In both cases, the change will be automatic dual-clutch and seven speeds. Of series will have front-wheel drive, but optionally the customer can choose the all-wheel drive quattro. Sales of the Audi A4 L will begin in China this summer.

Audi A4 LSource – Audi

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