Audi A5 2016, the key of a generation announced


New look for the A5, with a grille singleframe extended

finally! The Audi A5 2016 it’s official. Today, after a long time of waiting, and after a presentation multitudinous through the Internet, the Ingolstadt have revealed to the world the third generation of the A5. Major cosmetic changes are in addition to impressive technological developments. A renewal as god commands.

And, in the same that already happened with the Audi A4, the German brand has done the homework to to make this generation of the A5 is the most advanced and comprehensive that we’ve ever seen. To summarize the most important changes that brings with it the new A5 os line by line, the key points that marked the evolution of this coupe.


Yes, it is not a revolution. But Audi knows that the A5 is a model very much desired and in demand, and has thus made the minimum changes in your body. Although they are more than we can imagine. As we have been seeing these last weeks in teaser pre-provided by the Audi, the A5 receives a washing your face like they are getting the rest of the models renewed.

we Could define it easily as an Audi A4 with two doors less and a finished coupe. And the truth is that we would not go misguided. But in spite of preserving the visual character are introduced subtle changes in the body that improve what is past. New look, with headlights in LED technology, coupled lines, the more curved with the ribs more marked along the Audi A5 lengthwise and widthwise. All this without losing an iota of sportiness, although this view strengthened by the presence of the Audi S5 2016, which has also been presented this evening.


As we have already said the new A5 is the most technological of all that has been. Audi is a pioneer in the development of technologies applied to the conduction, and these is made patent in a cabin completely renovated for the occasion, as we had already seen thanks to several spy photos. Minimalism and avant-garde together in the same space, where he noted the presence of hand-held pendant stations, a combination of styles that reminds us a lot from what we have seen in the Audi TT.

finally, cosmetic changes aside, the A5 is still showing the same qualities of quality and know that its predecessor. In this case, Audi has worked with new materials to give shape to that minimalism visual, more quality in the finish and a greater sense of premium quality. In terms of space, given the new platform, the A5 has better interior dimensions, as well as a luggage compartment volume expanded.


The interior corresponds with the latest works from Ingolstadt


Do You remember the awesome and overwhelming technology has been introduced in the renewal of the A4? So once more we return to see her, although in the A5. To the above-mentioned headlamps with LED technology, add the recent advances in passive and active safety Audi adaptive cruise control with braking function automatic, the warning of involuntary change of lane, the detector of pedestrians, the control of the blind spot, Park Assist, and the always impressive wizard in traffic jams, with which the A5 will be able to handle alone the hassle of the crowds.

on the other hand we also find a new infotainment system MMI with enhanced connectivity and the ability to link the latest generation mobile phones, both Android and Apple. And of course we also cannot forget the Audi Virtual Cockpit, which replaces the traditional box instruments digital giving way to a large display of 12.3 inches of size that is able to vary our pleasure to show you a wide variety of information. The rest of it you can see the new screen of the dashboard, with a maximum size of 8.3 inches if it is equipped with the MMI Navigation Plus.


Design, technology, quality and finally mechanical. As expected Audi has also worked to change the heart and the skeleton of the A5. Established on a new platform, which grows slightly in battle, and reduces its weight by 60 kilograms, the A5 presents a range of mechanics that we already know and which is structured in diesel and petrol engines with a minimum power of 190 HP, 40 more than its predecessor. By the time the offer shall consist of five engines, two gasoline and three diesel.


The technology is one of the keys that will make the existence of this third generation

Audi has worked to make these engines more efficient and powerful than the previous, achieving a 17 per cent more power and 22% less consumption. In terms of transmissions, will continue to be available to the a manual change of six speeds or automatic S Tronic seven-speed and the Triptronic eight. This latter reserved for the S5 and the diesel engine is most powerful of all with 286 HP. Of course, the all-wheel drive quattro from Audi can be made effective with the A5, although as usual, the front axle will be in charge of driving the A5.

As we have already said, the A5 has been presented along with his brother, the S5. This is by far the top of line. Honor that lease ornce land the most radical of all the A5, the Audi RS5 2017 that we have already seen in several stages of its testing phase. This will introduce significant new features. In fact it is expected to do act of presence with a dowsizing in your engine, going from V8 to V6 gasoline that will have the help of turbo-electric. A new technology that we will soon see in more models of the German firm.

Although the Audi A5 2016 has just been introduced, there are still a few months for it to arrive at the dealers. Audi thinks to take it easy, although you will soon start to accumulate orders. First you have to visit the Paris Salon, where it will occupy and place of honor on the stand of the brand. Once completed this step will start the sale and subsequent arrival of the first units to the street. The price, for now, unknown.


Within a few months we will know the rest of the range, the Sportback and the Cabrio