Audi A5 2016 what can we expect from him?


The Audi A5 is about to be submitted, and there are many sights set on him

In 2007, Audi thought that between the A4 and the A6 had a hole to fill. A gap for a model which is very similar to both but with a style that is more sporty. So was born the Audi A5, the brother coupe of the A4. In these almost 10 years of life the A5 has garnered a tremendous success. A triumph that has come given by the various versions that we have been seeing. However tap change, and in just a few days we will see how it renews. There are many questions that we have about him, so that: what can we expect of an Audi A5 2016?

¿How will your design?

Well, you have to recognize that the A5 has not changed much since you saw him for the first time. Yes, has undergone a restyling, but basically the car has not changed since 9 years ago. Many things have to do it, and your new style should associate to the new brand image that Audi is planning in their new models, like the Audi A4.

recently we present some re-enactments very approximate how will this new generation of the A5. front to back, top to bottom, everything will be new. There will be not a single panel is shared with its predecessor, and thanks to the various advances that have been giving the brand, we also know that you will have a more aesthetic, more curve, more attractive. The same on the inside, that we have already seen, more minimalist and avant-garde.


So will the look of the A5 again. Style Audi 100%

What versions will we see?

Well, here a few changes there will be. The A5 has always been marketed in two body potential. The two door coupe, which will be the first to see arriving the next day, June 2, and the drive Sportback, that adds two doors and a tailgate of greater size to become more practical and useful. Of course we can not forget the Cabrio, as evidenced by their spy photos, it will be the last to arrive.

there Will be one more, a very special, and that’s sure to draw attention above the others. The Audi RS5. The RS-family is not very extensive, and possibly the RS5 is one of the models of the same most beloved and long-awaited. Will be the brother hard and quarrelsome family, with a performance out of series.

what technology will arrive?

as stated in the Audi slogan: “to the forefront of the technique”, the A5 for 2016 have to prove that you are able to do in Ingolstadt. Is expected to incorporate the latest jewelry techniques and technology of Audi. Recently we show you his box of instruments-digital, with a huge screen of 12.3 inches which will do all type of functions.


Audi already has adelando how will be the box of instruments and the steering wheel

in Addition to the Audi Virtual Cockpit, which we have already seen in more units, such as in the Audi R8, we hope the integration of a new team of infotainment MMI, lights with technology Matrix LED, systems of assistance to the driving of the last generation and a host of gadgets and devices that will make the A5 again to be at the forefront of the development.

What will be your performance?

The A5 has always had a wide range of mechanical. Presents many types of engines and power. This time it will be exactly the same, although Audi has worked out for the blocks, both for diesel and gasoline are more efficient. With a slight increase in power and a drastic cut in consumption. Will continue to be a wheeler ex officio.

But it doesn’t stop there the thing, and what you know. The Audi RS5 will once again be the spearhead of the range. The most aspirational of all. On the other hand, as we move forward, we will change your configuration. V8 current will pass to the V6 turbocharged, electric. Will be the first model of the signature of this technology. An honor which you will then receive the access release of the Audi R8.

For the time being we do not have concrete data on the performance of the RS5. Keep in mind that the current reaches 450 HP. With this we can imagine that Audi will increase the performance in a few more horsepower, and can reach around 500. If we add to this a chassis lightened and the boost of the turbos electric, very careful that we have a new beast to the view.


The RS5 should fight face to face against the almighty BMW M4

All of these questions will soon have an answer.In just a couple of days, it will be between us. Of course it will be a virtual presentation, because there are still a few months to begin to see it roll down the highway. The Paris Salon of the month of October will be his debut official, and from then on it will be when it will arrive at dealers.