Audi A5 2017: last teaser before its official debut tomorrow

The new Audi A5 2017 will be unveiled tomorrow afternoon as scheduled for its official debut. During all this time, the manufacturer of the four rings has put special emphasis on leave remembering this important presentation because, with only a generation, until the time, the coupé premium is already an icon of the germans.

Today we started the shoot teasers with a aerodynamic lines that draw the body invisible from the coupe German. These are shown in an animation that gives us an insight of the link of Audi that we will be witnesses of the official debut vehicle via streaming morning, day June 2.


In the following we unravel how the interior of the vehicle, very similar to what is seen in the new Audi A4, the teaser displays the sports seats in red leather of the plazas front.


In the following, emphasis is placed on the marked waist line, which runs in the vehicle from your headlights, which are no longer to be a secret, until you get to the later that allows us to intuit your design in the form of L lying.


finally a new vision of his picture of the digital instrumentation in the us, a navigation system in satellite mode, as Google Maps or Google Earth.


so far we’ve seen the coupe completely camouflaged in a first display, then we have known his silhouette through the digital dashboard Virtual Cockpit, his advancement to mount the propeller 3.0 V6 TDI and a partial view of the marked waist line that comes up behind in a second set of teasers, while in the last we saw first-hand how were his lighthouses of technology Matrix LED and your signature of light that will be personal.